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Moving images, with or without sound, have great powers of communication and, hence, influence. With this power comes the responsibility of understanding how images are constructed to generate meaning and emotions. This knowledge is necessary for the students not only to reproduce reality in the best possible way but also to give form to their concrete and abstract imaginations.

This can be done best by understanding ‘Cinema’ which has become the most dominant audio-visual form of the media in the contemporary times.

We, at the Department of Film Studies, St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata have dedicated ourselves to viewing, analyzing, and commenting on world cinema as an expression of world culture as well as to create our own fiction and non-fiction films as part of that culture. As amateurs, we try ever harder to execute bold strokes of expression on this large canvas.

Welcome to the world of cinema in the Film Studies Department. Making a humble beginning in 1996, the department offers a two-year BA/BSc Elective Course on the history and practice of world cinema. Its four semesters incorporate the following practical projects for the students: photo-montage of still images, dynamization, non-fiction and continuity fiction films. The Department offers a constructive forum for the students not only to analyze and comment on their own films but also to have the benefit of expert opinions on them.

We welcome your opinion on any aspect or activity of the Department.

This website is designed, constructed and maintained by the students of the Department. Feel free to Contact Us, the developers and administrators, for any query or details.

Ex- Secretaries of XFA:

  1. Annesh Bilas Thakur (2009-10)
  2. Rajarshi Lahiri (2010-11)
  3. Debosmith Chatterjee (2011-12)

Ex-President of XFA:

  • Professor Gopalan Mullik (2009-2012)

Present Day XFA Secretary:

  1. Roshni Ali (MCV 3rd Yr)

President of XFA:

  • Professor Ananya Chatterjee (HoD – Dept.s of Mass Communication and Videorgraphy + Film Studies)

: Prof. Gopalan Mullik & Rajarshi Lahiri
Photography: Rajit Shankar Ghosh